The second campaign for "Tamweel Al Watani" - November 2021
The National Bank of Bahrain introduced “Tamweel Al Watani”, a new lending scheme that aims to support locally owned businesses. The new financing plan further empowers SMEs, aiding them in their sustainability goals, while simultaneously improving cash flow positions across the Kingdom. And to further support to the Kingdom’s integral SME sector, the Bank is providing an easier application process and quick turnaround for applicants of this lending scheme.
As part of the new scheme, small and medium businesses can be eligible for up to BHD 100,000 in facilities, with repayment plans up to 5 years. Businesses have to meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify for the new scheme, including meeting the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism’s (MOICT) Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) definition and preferably hold the MOICT issued SME classification certificate.
The initiative is another step in NBB’s ongoing endeavors towards becoming a more responsible organization, reflecting the Bank’s long-term commitment towards the community in which it operates to enrich the lives of generations.

Final Artworks:

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