We are very proud to be part of Neqsatna team who make this project successful. 

Neqsatna is Ramadan Live Quiz Show hosted on NBB's Instagram account (@nbbonline)

The show had many objectives that NBB wanted to achieve in Ramadan 2021: 
•  Appreciate and thank Bahraini talents of different generations for their contributions 
•  Create awareness about Charitable & Philanthropic Societies that are active 
•  Support the owners of cafes and restaurant that deal with NBB 
•  Convert more customers to use the new NBB Digital App 
•  Attract new customers to download NBB Digital App and open an account 
•  Increase our customers’ savings through AlWatani Saving Scheme 
•  Increase the number of followers of the Bank’s Instagram, Twitter & YouTube accounts. 
•  Spread the spirit of fun and joy for all the people watching safely from their mobiles.

So, NBB introduced “Neqsatna” (our gift), an NBB-trademark entertaining quiz show that will help create awareness about a number of charitable and philanthropic societies by showcasing their programmes and activities. 

The show have been broadcasted from a different NBB’s SME client: restaurant, café, and ice cream shop and will be presented by NBB’s Head of Corporate Communications who will receive selected participants of Bahraini artists, media professionals, and people who have had sound contributions in the Bahraini community to co-host the show. 

Country: Bahrain
Language: Arabic
Release Date: 13 April, 2021

Role: Branding /  Overall Visual & Motion Design


The intro:

Behind the scenes

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