Al Watani Savings scheme 2021 Campaign
Al Watani Savings scheme is one of the most important offerings of NBB’s Retail business in terms of performance, campaign size, and it runs throughout the full year, every year. The raffle scheme, and its campaign and communication are an important market positioning tool and a vital source of growth in business performance. Al Watani Savings Scheme targets existing customers of the Bank, new to bank customers, kids and youth through parents. 

The campaign’s main objectives are:

- Placement of Al Watani Savings Scheme 2021 as the finest campaign amongst banks.

- Highlighting that NBB offers the largest instant cash prize to be won in the Kingdom.
Improving the Retail Savings Accounts market share of NBB in Bahrain.

- Achieve the expected growth in product performance.

- Acquire new Mass customers with average deposits of BHD 300 and Mass Affluent Customers with average deposits of BHD 10,000Drive existing customers to grow their deposits to increase chances of winning grand prizes.

- Motivate customers to transfer their salaries to NBB’s savings accounts for higher chances of winning.

- Encourage parents to save more in the Bank’s SaveWave children’s/youth accounts with direct communications.

Prize Structure

The future of parcel delivery: Drones.

Over the last several years much has been written about how drones can improve supply chain management. As technology has improved and regulations have eased, drones have increasingly made their way into the conversation around home delivery. However, there are still several obstacles to clear before this becomes a common option across the country. Other opportunities for drones abound and when looking at the overall state of drone usage, it appears as though the future of drones is now. And the coronavirus pandemic has certainly helped to speed up adoption and use cases for aerial fleets.

Nearly seven years ago, Jeff Bezos appeared on 60 Minutes touting his idea for using drones for last mile deliveries. In those seven years, we have certainly come a long way, but are not quite where Bezos thought we would be. Many companies have been testing drone deliveries for the last few years, and after the FAA eased restrictions and approved a number of pilot tests, the technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Amazon itself has won a number of patents to further its drone operations including a floating blimp-like warehouse that would deploy drones for deliveries.

So, in our concept for the Al Watani campaign we tried to implement this future using 3D graphics, sinece the last year concept was a futuristic approach into inventing & producing the bag it is time to deliver it to the customers.   

To see the teaser project for this campaign please click here 

The Process




Final Artworks​​​​​​​

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