Zaher Al Majed
Designer | Coder | Marketer
My name is Zaher Al Majed, and I'm a Bahrain-based self-taught designer & coder with plenty of years of experience in creating design solutions for various platforms and media.
I also lecture & speak on professional practice in art & design and have delivered sessions on design and creativity to a wide range of audiences, from graphic design students to professionals.
I started my career with the belief that if you want to be a better designer, you need to train your eye for creativity and constantly strive to achieve perfection. You need to be constantly up-to-date about what’s new out there, be it digital solutions, market trends, ground-breaking branding ideas, etc. My biggest strengths are my consistent determination to learn more, my passion to achieve anything I set my mind to.

There are a million ways to express a single idea. The challenge is executing and focusing on the design that best delivers the message to the audience.
What do the professionals say about me
I have worked with Zaher directly, day in day out, for 2 years…an independent creative mind who likes to spread his wings and take every assignment to a sophisticated level of output. I always admire his passion, eagerness, and dedication to continuously think out-of-the-box to deliver unique propositions in the shortest possible time.

Hisham Abu Alfateh - National Bank of Bahrain
I’ve worked with Zaher on design several projects, after the first job I decided to use him for all my design & branding needs. Not only did Zaher deliver what I asked for, he also made fantastic suggestions to alter my requirements. The outcome was always beyond expectations & I plan to use him for all my future projects.

Imran Al Aradi - Radio Bahrain
Zaher is one of the most creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Despite his age, he has amassed the professional experience of a seasoned designer and web developer – in itself a rare combination.

Zainab Bucheery - BIBF
Zaher is a gifted and talented designer. It is always a pleasure to work with such a creative mind. He completely understands the client's needs and always delivers with a high standard of design work that exceeds expectations.

Nada Ishaq - National Bank of Bahrain
Zaher is a very likable and talented young professional who skillfully mixes creativity with charm and coolness. He always adds value by challenging the brief and wearing a smile, but most importantly he delivers great quality.

Richard Hicks - Azured Marketing
One of few who are talent in graphic and web design with solid development experience enjoyed exploring new ideas and solutions with him. Definitely a valuable asset to any organization!

Amgad Samy - National Bank of Bahrain
Zaher’s meticulous attention to detail and his amazing talent in design and other aspects of art direction makes him an outstanding asset to any organization. His speed of execution has surprised me time and time again .

Amal Sorani - BIBF
Zaher was delightful to work with! he always gave his expert opinion whenever we needed it. He made time to always check on the work and make sure we are satisfied with it. I recommend you work with him for his level of intelligence and expertise in design and marketing.

Huda AlHawaj - Kitopi
When it comes to creativity and speed, Zaher is always the first choice. No matter when you contact him or where he is, he always has his tools with him and ready to work.

Mahdi Jabbary - National Bank of Bahrain
I have been very impressed by Zaher’s ability to literally read my minds and deliver my project. Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work.

Ali Al Saeed - Solidarity
Zaher is truly "creative", and he has a clear mission to improve to the visual landscape of Bahrain enabling local talents along the way. Zaher is an "out of the box" person, and he's having fun out there! 

Muhanad Alfardan - MSL
​​​​​​Zaher is a very talented and creative designer. During his work in Ideas Holding Group he worked closely with our clients to develop and enhance their branding and creative work. I highly recommend Zaher for high profile branding and create work

Jaleel Al Sharaf - Ideas Holding Group
Zaher is wonderfully creative and responsive. He translates ideas into beautiful visuals, and he does so in a timely and professional manner. He is highly recommended.

Mohamed AlQassimi - National Bank of Bahrain
Brands that I did projects for
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